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Clay Mask | Charcoal with seaweed extract
Clay Mask | Charcoal with seaweed extract
Clay Mask | Charcoal with seaweed extract
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Clay Mask | Charcoal with seaweed extract

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For oily / Acne prone skin types

Charcoal is good for all skin types but especially oily or acne prone. It is also a very gentle natural exfoliant.

Rejuvenating, hydrating and toning. With chia seeds to retain moisture and keep the skin hydrated for longer. Kelp and potato extract leave skin feeling super silky and smooth.

Simply add a few drops of lukewarm water to a teaspoon or two of the dry mask to activate

Apply to the face for 10-15 minutes, massage in a little more water when mask starts to dry out. Rinse off in shower or with a warm wet cloth.

Special Features
  • Scent: gently floral, with notes of tea
  • Kaolin Clay: draws excess oil and impurities out of the skin, for a gentle detox
  • Activated Charcoal: highly adsorbent for a powerful detox, yet kind to the skin
  • Kelp Extract: feel super silky with the natural power of alginate
  • Chia Seeds: retain moisture for longer, giving superior hydration
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil: a natural antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory
  • Lavender Essential Oil: for calm, focus, memory and concentration                         
 + Made in Devon in small batches 

+ Approx 90g / enough for 8-12 masks

+ Plastic free +  palm free

+ Vegan friendly