Lemon + Shea + Cocoa Butter Natural soap
Lemon + Shea + Cocoa Butter Natural soap

Lemon + Shea + Cocoa Butter Natural soap

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100% Natural soap. Each bar takes over six weeks to cure using a traditional slow cure method that delivers a wonderful silky non- drying soft soap. The oils and butters help protect dry irritated skin from oxidative damage and makes skin feel hydrated and soft.

Fresh lemon butter bar is made using natural pressed carrot juice. The carrots are great for the skin, full of vitamin A and antioxidants helping with healing of the skin

Non drying natural soap shea butter, olive oil, rice bran oil, coconut oil and castor bean oil, essential oils of lemon and lemon grass.

+ Made in Cornwall

+ Natural aromas from essential oils

+ Non-drying plant oils with antioxidants to help skin healing

+ Plastic free +  palm free

 + Coloured with plants

+ Approx 90 gram/bar size 8cm x 2cm x 6cm